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The 1973 and 1974 Dodge Challenger

Photo donated by Barry Bumgardner of Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

Because there was little difference between these two years and the 1974 model run was only a few months long (ending in March '74) I have grouped the two model years together here on the same page. Listed below are only the changes from the last years production. Please refer back to previous model years for more detail.


There were a very few minor changes from the '72 model. The front bumpers had to change yet again due to new laws and were now built to take a 5 mph impact with no damage. They looked heavier and protruded farther from the car. The large rubber pads on the over riders and slots to take the bumper jack allow you to quickly tell these models from the '72 version.

Photo donated by Joe Dickman of Dallas, Texas

The Rallye model was no longer a model in its own right but just a option package for the base model.

Exterior Paint

Challenger Rallye still had the dummy air ducts on the front fenders with the strobe stripe extending along the door but the base models could now have a painted accent stripe that traced the upper contours of the body.

There was a huge range of colours available to Dodge so there may be the odd car finished in a different colour to the ones listed below. You can see a paint chip chart for 1973 HERE and for 1974 HERE.

1973 Exterior Paint Colours
Paint Code Colour Name Chrysler No. Ditzler No.
A5 Dark Silver AY70JA5 2513
B1 Light Blue AY69HB1 2424
B3 Super Blue 2423
B5 Bright Blue AY70GB5 2306
E5 Bright Red AY69FE5 2136
F1 Pale Green AY69JF1 2515
F3 Light Green AY70GF3 2316
F8 Dark Green AY70JF8 2514
L4 Parchment AY69HL4 2427
K6 Autumn Bronze AY70GK6 2312
V2 Hemi Orange AY1EV2 2186
W1 Eggshell AY69EW1 2033
X9 Black AY69TX9 9300
Y1 Top Banana AY69FY1 2211
Y3 Honey Gold AY69JY3 2517
Y6 Golden Haze AY70JY6 2509
Y9 Dark Gold AY70Y9 2510

1974 Exterior Paint Colours
Paint Code Colour Name Chrysler No. Ditzler No.
B1 Light Blue AY69KB1 2626
B5 Lucerne Blue AY70KB5 2627
E5 Bright Red AY69FE5 2136
E7 Burnished Red AY70GE7 2321
G2 Frosty Green AY69KG2 2629
G8 Deep Sherwood AY70KG8 2631
J6 Avocado Gold AY70KJ6 2632
L4 Parchment AY69HL4 2427
L8 Dark Moonstone AY70KL8 2633
T5 Sienna AY70KT5 2534
T9 Dark Chestnut AY70KT9 2590
W1 Eggshell AY69EW1 2033
X9 Black AY69TX9 9300
Y4 Golden Fawn AY69KY4 2635
Y5 Yellow Blaze AY69KY5 2636
Y6 Golden Haze AY70JY6 2509
Y9 Dark Gold AY70Y9 2510

'73-'74 Accent Stripe Colours
Colour Paint No.
White 2033
Black 9000
Light Bright Blue 14016
Medium Gold 23724
Light Green 44647
Parchment 23740

Vinyl Top

The 1971 gold colour came back for '73 and '74. The other colours remained the same.


Very little change here either. The seats were reworked for more comfort and the pedal pads were slightly different.
Interior colours were Black, White, Blue and Dark Green.


Power front disc brakes were still optional but were now the re-designed one piece rotors. These do not fit the earlier models.

Wheels and Tyres

Only 14 inch wheels were available but could still be had in the Chrome Road or Rallye styles with a 5.5 inch width.
1973-74 Challenger Tyres
Engine Standard With Disc Brakes Optional Recommended Brand
318 7.35x14 F78x14 F78x14 F70x14* Goodyear(F70/78),Firestone(7.35)
340** F78x14 F78x14 F70x14* Goodyear
Rallye 340** F70x14 F70x14 Goodyear
360*** F78x14 F78x14 F70x14* Goodyear
Rallye 360*** F70x14 F70x14 Goodyear
* Only with heavy duty suspension. ** 1973 only. *** 1974 only


The six cylinder 225 c.i. engine was dropped. This left the 318 as the base engine with the 340 4bbl optional in '73.
The 340 was dropped in '74 in favour of the 360 which had better low end torque. All engines now had electronic ignition as standard as well as hardened exhaust valve seats for unleaded petrol.
1973-74 Engine Options
Option code Size (cu. in.) Size (c.c.) Type Carb. Net Power (B.H.P.)
G 318 5212 V8 2 bbl. 150
H* 340 5573 V8 4 bbl. 240
L** 360 5900 V8 4 bbl. 245
* 1973 only ** 1974 only

Transmission and Drivetrain

A three speed manual was standard with a 4 speed or an automatic optional.


Avalible options for the 1973-74 model are listed below. Please refer back to the 1970 page for a discription of each option.

Light Package ( A01)

Basic Group (A04)

Performance Axle Package (A36)

Floor Console (C16)

Rear Window Defroster (H31)

Air Con. (H51)

Body Sill Mouldings (M25)

1973 & '74 Production Figures

As there was only one model now I have not made a table of figures as in the other model years. Also the six reference books I have all disagree on the number of cars produced so take your pick.

1973 production was (pick one of these)

  • 27,930
  • 30,221
  • 32,596

1974 production was (pick one of these)

  • 6,063 (I am told this figure is for cars with the 360 engine)
  • 11,354
  • 16,437

Photo donated by Barry Bumgardner of Rutherfordton, North Carolina.


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