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The 1971 Dodge Challenger


1971 Indy Pace Car Story | 1971 Production Figures | 1971 Options & Price List


Nice 340 R/T belongs to Mike Lacroix in Ontario, Canada.

Listed below are only the changes from the previous years production.
Please refer back to the 1970 model year for more detail.

There were four Challenger models for 1971.

  • Challenger Deputy
  • Two door hardtop
  • Two door convertible
  • R/T two door hardtop


Several models were dropped from the 1971 line-up. Gone were the S.E., R.T./S.E., T/A and R/T convertible.

There had been plans to make a 1971 T/A model. It would have been the same as the 1970 version except for a 4bbl carb. instead of the six pack induction. These plans were dropped before any cars were made. Some people insist that at least one 1971 T/A was built because of an advertisement that seems to show one. However if you look at the advert on my "Challenger Adverts" page and compare it to the 1970 poster above it you can see it is the same car photographed on the same wet day on the same road. It is amazing what these graphics artists can do with an airbrush!

There were no major changes to the '71 Challenger bodywork except for a new grill and rear panel. Although the S.E. was dropped you could still order the formal roof (code A78) but not if you wanted the power sunroof.
The grill now came forward to a peak in the centre which split two long narrow bezels running the full width between the headlights. This was reflected in the design of the new rear lights which were now split into two separate clusters. The resulting gap in the centre housed a Challenger nameplate.
Challengers again used special front fenders when ordered with 15 inch wheels.

Photo donated by Paul Kisly of Canandaigua, NY.

The R/T now had dummy air duct scoops in front of the rear wheel arches.

All cars equipped with a 4 bbl or multiple carbs. received the "power bulge" hood as standard and the "shaker" hood as an option. 72 base Challengers, 11 convertibles, 102 R/T big block and 39 R/T 340 cars were fitted with the shaker hood.

The front bumper was carried over from the previous year until Feb. '71 when a new bumper was used. This then had to be changed again in June due to new safety requirements. Elastomeric front and rear bumpers became available for the Challenger in '71 but only in four colours. These were B5 blue, Y3 yellow, V2 hemi orange and, depending which reference you read, either C7 plum crazy or J6 green.

From April '71 all painted bumpers were cancelled except for Y3 yellow for some reason.

Exterior Paint and Stripes

A wide vinyl stripe was optional on all Challengers in '71. It ran from the front fender above the body line and, like the T/A stripe in '70, stopped level with the end of the glass on the rear quarter panel. The R/T got a similar stripe as standard which ended with the R/T letters.

The "power bulge" hood could have the R/T letters on the front as well.

Challengers were painted with acrylic enamel. There was a huge range of colours available to Dodge and you can see the complete 1971 Chrysler colour chart by following the link in the left frame or by clicking HERE.

1971 Exterior Paint Colours
Paint Code Colour Name Chrysler No. Ditzler No.
A4 Light Gunmetal Met. AY2GA4 2014
B2 Light Blue Met. AY2GB3 2304
B5 Brite Blue Met. AY2GB5 2305
B7 Dark Blue Met. AY2GB7 2306
C7 Plum Crazy Met. AY2EB7 2210
E5 Bright Red AY2FE5 2136
F3 Med. Green Met. AY2GF3 2316
F7 Dark Green Met. AY2GF7 2317
J6 Green Go AY2GJ6 2319
K6 Dark Bronze Met. AY2GK6 2312
K3 Burnt Orange AY2FK3 2135
L5 Butterscotch AY1EL5 2325
T2 Tan Met. AY2GT2 2313
V2 Hemi-Orange AY1EV2 2186
W3 Brite White AY1GW3 2300
X9 Black AY1TX9 9300
Y1 Top Banana AY1FY1 2211
Y3 Citron Yella AY1FY3 2320
Y8 Gold Met. AY2G48 2307
Y9 Dark Gold Met. AY2GY9 2311

Vinyl Top

A gold coloured top was now offered but the Gator Grain was deleted. Other colours were unchanged.


The seating was stitched in a different pattern and the Challenger script which had been moulded on the end of the dash pad was now a stick on plate. The console mounted shift lever for the automatic was changed to a black plastic "T" shape.
All interior colours were now available for the Challenger Deputy which now had a matching plastic filler button in the hole where the window winder was deleted.

Photo donated by Paul Kisly of Canandaigua, NY.

Wheels and Tyres

The left hand thread wheel nuts that had been fitted to the 1970 model drivers side were done away with. On the Rallye wheels the trim ring now had a brushed finish and the wheel centre was a dark gray.

The wheels with "dog dish" hub caps were painted body colour as the previous year up until March 15th 1971. From then on they were painted black.

1971 Challenger Tyres
Engine Standard Optional Recommended Brand
198/225/318 7.35x14 E78x14,F70x14*,E60x15** Goodyear
383 F78x14 F70x14*,E60x15**# Goodyear/Polyglas GT

1971 Challenger R/T Tyres
Engine Standard Optional Recommended Brand
340 F70x14 F78x14,E60x15# Goodyear/Polyglas GT
383 F70x14 F78x14 Goodyear/Polyglas GT
426/440 F70x14 E60x15# Goodyear/Polyglas GT
* Only with HD suspension. ** Only with HD suspension and disc or HD brakes. # N/A with Air Cond.


The first signs of what was to come in future years started with a drop in compression ratio of the 383 from 10.5:1 to 8.5:1. The 440 4bbl was dropped altogether from the Challenger but the 340 was now avalible in the R/T. This was not the same 340 that had been in the T/A in 1970. Horsepower readings were starting to be given as net bhp which was a more realistic figure taken with all engine accessories and a full exhaust system fitted.

Option code Size (cu. in.) Size (c.c.) Type Carb. Gross Power (B.H.P.) Net Power (B.H.P.)
B* 198 3245 6 CYL. 1 bbl. 125 105
C 225 3688 6 CYL. 1 bbl. 145 110
G 318 5212 V8 2 bbl. 230 155
H*** 340 5573 V8 4 bbl. 275 235
L 383 6277 V8 2 bbl. 275 190
N** 383 6277 V8 4 bbl. 300 250
R** 426 6982 V8 2 X 4 bbl. 425 350
V** 440 7212 V8 3 X 2 bbl. 390 330
* Challenger Deputy only. ** Challenger R/T only.
*** Avalible in Challenger and R/T

Option Packages

All option packages that had been available in the previous year were available again. Please refer back to the 1970 page for a discription of these or follow the link below to see a scan of the original option and price sheet.

Photo donated by Todd Mangini.

The 1971 Indy Pace Car Story

1971 Production Figures

1971 Options & Price List


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